New Accounts

All new accounts will be processed as C.O.D. pending approval of credit. A signed, fully completed credit application is required

from all dealers.

Open Accounts

Terms of Payment - All balances must be paid within 30 days from date of invoice.

Special Terms - Some large orders may require a deposit. Prepay customers must submit payment prior to production of order(s).

Past Due Balances - Orders will not be processed on accounts that are past due. You will be notified by telephone or letter so the

account can be brought current. A 1.5% late fee will be assessed monthly on all past due balances.

C.O.D. Accounts

Orders shipped C.O.D. will contain all charges pertaining to that order. C.O.D. accounts will be responsible for all C.O.D. charges.

C.O.D. orders that exceed your purchasing limit may require deposits.

Telephone/Fax & Emailed Orders/Dealer Resource Center Orders

Verbal, faxed, emailed and Dealer Resource Center placed orders are accepted as the dealer’s responsibility. Verbal orders are

read back to the dealer and a confirmation is then emailed or faxed. Faxed and emailed orders will have an order confirmation sent

for verification purposes. Colors on faxed or emailed orders will be entered according to the color number given. In the case of a

conflicting color and product type, the color number will take precedence.

Duplicated Orders

LEVOLOR® cannot be responsible for duplicated orders caused by a telephone or fax order being followed by a duplicate order

which has not been marked clearly as "Confirmation only, do not duplicate".

Order Changes & Cancellations

Our products are custom made to your specifications and cannot be changed or canceled if the order is in the process of

fabrication. Changes to roller shade orders on non-guaranteed in stock fabrics will incur a 25% change fee. Paid rush orders

cannot be changed or cancelled. If you must cancel your order, please call the Customer Service Department immediately.

They will advise you if the order can be canceled, If the order has already been cut, a minimum charge of 50% will apply.

Returns for Repair

Contact Customer Service prior to the return of any order for repair. We will request the date of the work order, sidemark, type of

product and the LEVOLOR work order/reference number. Arrangements for return will be made with you at that time. Repairs

should be packaged with care prior to shipping. The package should be fully identified both inside and outside the wrappings and

should contain confirmation of the verbal repair instructions. Customer Service will advise as to how the merchandise should be

returned. Freight expenses incurred on repairs are the responsibility of the dealer. Chargebacks for unauthorized repairs or

additional installation cannot be honored. Merchandise that has been mishandled, abused, or is received in poor condition will be

returned to the customer.

Price Changes

All prices and price lists are subject to change without notice.

Returns for Credit

We can accept returned orders only if prior authorization has been obtained from the Customer Service Department. Customer

Service will advise how the merchandise should be returned.

Back Order Notification

From time to time our suppliers are unable to ship the necessary raw materials or provide specific ship dates of these materials to

fill your order. Our policy is to notify our customers of all back orders within 48 hours after receipt of your order, so you can

re-select or notify your customer of a delay.