Why LEVOLOR Motorization?

At Levolor Commercial we offer a complete, cutting edge motorization program that is capable of meeting any project requirement in the industry. Partnering with industry leaders, we offer everything from Lithium-Ion Battery Motors to Intelligent Systems with full Building Management Integration.

We pride ourselves for being at the forefront of technological changes within motorization offerings and rely on our nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience.

Smart Control Solutions

Experience optimal light and privacy control with the touch of a button. LEVOLOR Motorization allows for easy operation of Roller Shades or Faux Wood Blinds using an app, remote control or wall switch.

Seamlessly group and control all motorized window coverings from a single device or create custom schedules to adjust window coverings throughout the day


Building Management Integration

Levolor Commercial offers complete building management integration within our motorization program.
We pride ourselves in assisting architects, designers, and builders to achieve their unique project goals.

Otto Home Control Logo

Otto™ Motorization

Otto Motorization is an exclusive program developed for Levolor Commercial. It is a completely custom motorization program that features a wide breadth of product offerings and features. From the wire free convenience of the Otto Recharge Systems to the power of the Otto Wired 6, the options are endless for effortless room-to-room motorization.

Available on:

  • Roller Shades
  • Faux Wood (tilt)


  • Best in class performance with proven state of the art lithium-ion battery power technology for extended battery life and simple, no wire installation.
  • The vast range of Otto motor systems offer options for any window or application - large or small.
  • Bi-Directional Radio Communication Motorization offers a strong and reliable connection for shade and battery status.
  • The Otto Home Control App enables intuitive control from any smartphone or tablet device, even voice control.
  • Home Motorization system integration allows users to easily control shades in conjunction with their home’s other smart devices including; lights, security, thermostats and home entertainment.

Otto™ Home Control offers innovative, simple to use window-covering motorization for the ultimate experience in reliability, technology and control.

Learn More About Our Commercial Motorization Solutions!

Contact your local Business Development Manager for more information.

Somfy Logo

Somfy Motorization

Levolor has strategically partnered with Somfy motor systems. Somfy has and remains one of the most well-respected motors in the world. Headquarted in France, Somfy has over 50 years of innovative experience and development.

Available on:

  • Roller Shades


  • Radio Technology Somfy RTS is a proven & popular platform that enables users to adjust their shades from a distance of up to 65 ft. without the need to aim the transmitter.
  • Somfy Lithium-ion battery-powered motorized shades are a perfect retro-fit for existing projects that don’t have access to wiring.
  • The comprehensive line of Somfy controls, timers and accessories delivers complete customization for any project or setting.
  • Select Somfy motors along with Animeo IP equal a sustainable and scalable digital solution for buildings evolution.

Motorization — Cut Sheets and Specifications

myLink Quick Start Guidesomfy-how-to-guides motorization
External Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Packsomfy-how-to-guides motorization
Sonesse® 30 RTS 24V DCsomfy-how-to-guides motorization
Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RTS AC & Sonesse® 50 RTS ACsomfy-how-to-guides motorization
WireFree RTS Motor Quick Guidesomfy-how-to-guides motorization
WiFi Bridge V1 Setup Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
OTTO™ Recharge Program Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
OTTO™ 30/DC2 Program Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
Roller Wired 6 Program Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
Honeycomb Motor Lift Program Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
Horizontal Motor Tilt Program Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
OTTO™ Remote Control Guideotto-how-to-guides motorization
OTTO™ App Setup Guide V1otto-how-to-guides motorization
OTTO™ 2 App Setup Guide V2otto-how-to-guides motorization
Commercial Motorization Brochure, brochures motorization
Motorized Roller Shade Tech Drawingmotorization-drawings motorization
ST50 Dual Motorized Roller Shade with 7 Inch Fasciamotorization-drawings motorization
ST50 Motorized Roller Shade with 5 Inch Pocketmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Wired 6 Motor Systemmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Wifi Bridge V2motorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Wall Switch – Flush Mountmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Wall Switch – Cut Inmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Solar Panelmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Repeatermotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Power Panelmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Rechargeable Battery Packmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ DC2 Motor Systemmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ 30 Motor Systemmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Rechargeable Plus Motor Systemmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Recharge Max Motor Systemmotorization-drawings motorization
OTTO™ Recharge Motor Systemmotorization-drawings motorization

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