About Us

LEVOLOR Commercial is dedicated to providing the Architectural and Design community with superior service, products and delivery.

Our goal is to make your projects as seamless as possible while providing as much support as needed. With our multiple manufacturing locations, we are able to service your delivery needs with best in class products. Backed by a century of quality, Levolor blinds and shades are trusted to work beautifully day after day, year after year. From welcoming the sunlight each morning to providing privacy and comfort each night, every day begins and ends with LEVOLOR.


We Provide:

Commercial Branded Sampling

Contract Administration

Bidding Assistance

Joint Check Agreements

Substitution Requests

Submittal Document Assistance

Close out Document Assistance

Dedicated Commercial Team

Business Development Managers
• Specialized training on commercial specific products
• Experts in the commercial bidding sales cycle
• Assist with interpreting specifications
• Serve as lead generators for developing markets
• Understand how and why projects are awarded

Estimating Team
• Answer invitations to bid
• Read specifications
• Complete substitution requests
• Submit bids to accounts

Contract Administration
• Assist with prequalification process
• Read contracts and assist with modifications
• Send project submittals
• Assist with insurance requirements
• Create schedule of values
• Prepare Joint Check Agreements
• Provide closeout documents

Dedicated Customer Service Team
• Provide quotes
• Assist with commercial product information
• Order assistance once it is released into production

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